The following is the complete set of honours given by the Stato Pontificio (Anglican Patriarchate) in order of precedence (specifically Walsingham Guard decorations may be found on the guard pages).


Orders (State and Religious-Dynastic)
in order of precedence

The Supreme Florentine-Roman Order of Christ

The Florentine-Roman Order of the Golden Spur

Order of the Eagle of St. Stephen & Mary Immaculate

The Florentine-Roman Order of Pius IX

The Florentine-Roman Order of St. Gregory the Great

The Florentine-Roman Order of St. Sylvester


Noble and Confraternal Orders

Patriarchal Confraternity of the Imperial Teutonic Order of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons

Noble Company of St. Mary of Walsingham


Orders of the States within the Pontifical States

Crown Order of Westphalia

Order of the Star of Coberly v. Reichenberg

Concordia Order


Service & Merit Orders

Florentine Service Order

Pontifical Order of Merit

Patriarchal Service Cross


Personal Honours

Blessed Sword and Cap

Golden Rose

Patriarchal & Royal Florentine Family Order

Patriarchate of St. Stephen Pilgrim's Cross


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