Caritates Ecclesiales Globales • Charités Ecclésiales Globales • Carità Ecclesiali Globali

Global Ecclesial Charities (GEC) has, as of July 2021, been disbanded, with its functions being assigned to the Elemosiniere of His Holiness and Eminence and to the Pontifical Walsingham Guard as the humanitarian wing of the Stato Pontificio and Anglican Patriarchate. It was formerly the international ecumenical Christian charitable umbrella organisation of the Anglican Patriarchate for charitable, humanitarian, and relief efforts in furtherance of the Patriarchate's mandate of mission, service, and charity. As part of that role, it coordinated such efforts of the various offices and organizations of the Church and other religious and secular associations, institutions, and agencies. Rather than re-invent the wheel, GEC operated on the principle that it is better to identify and support the best organization or individual for each task in order to maximize effectiveness and timeliness for the benefit of those in need.


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