The Florentine Rota, more formally known as the Patriarchal Tribunal of the Florentine Rota, is the primary ecclesiastical court of the Anglican Patriarchate. It is responsible for hearing cases of marriage annulment, questions of heresy, and other doctrinal or internal matters pertaining to the community of the church.

The rota serves as a court of first instance as well as an appellate court for tribunals of metropolitan and diocesan Sees within the Patriarchate and the Imperial Roman Church, and also for organisations under the spiritual protection of the Apostolic See.

The judicial robes of the judges of the Florentine Rota, who are known as Auditors, consist of the mantellum in red with a white ermine mozzetta with red band at the bottom worn over it. If worn at liturgy, the rochet is worn in the usual manner. All auditors are named Canons of the Patriarchal Chapter (Pontifical Order of St. Stephen) if not a bishop. 

The tribunal is called the rota because it hears cases according to a rotating panel of three auditors known as a rota, meaning "wheel." The Rota is the successor to the patriarchal tribunal of Aquileia. The auditor who is appointed as chief judge is known as the Prefect. The Prefect holds the grade of Dean ad Honorem of the Patriarchal Chapter (Pontifical Order of St. Stephen) if not a bishop. 




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