Colours Used During Masses of the Papa-Catholicos


1. Masses celebrated by the Archfather or else presided by the Archfather in grand choral habit used only two colours, red or white, in accordance with the colours associated with St. Stephen and ancient Byzantine custom.

2. Gold or silver may substitute for white. 

3. Gold is the colour of ordinary usage. Red (embellished with gold) is the solemn colour, and red, with or without gold, is the penitential colour. The use of red by the Papa-Catholicos as the solemn colour follows from ancient custom and symbolizes the universal kingship and royal priesthood of Christ. Thuswhite, gold, or silver can be used for ordinary usage when the primary liturgical colour is white, red, blue, or green. Red is used at all other times, as well as on solelmn occasions and therefore may be used at any time. 

3. All others wearing liturgical vestments may either wear the same colour as the Papa-Catholicos or else the liturgical colour in the calendar. 



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