Principle Coat of Arms of the Papa-Prince of Rome
The coat of arms is of the Archfather surmounted by the Papal insignia.


Greater Arms of the Papa-Prince of Rome
The greater arms represent the diverse spiritual and temporal patrimony of the Patriarchate and Stato Pontificio. The red and yellow stiped ombrellino to the left of the arms bearing the red crosses of St. Stephen
issues from a pile of three stones of the martyrdom of Stephen. The ombrellino to the right bearing
the blue crosses of Mary Immaculate issues from three white lilies. Together these two ombrellini
represent the See of St. Stephen and the Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham and thus the Anglo-Roman
patrimony and religious, ethnic, and cultural identity of the Apostolic See.

The motto seen in the greater arms, "Honos Miniesterium Fides," translates as "Honour, Service, & Loyalty. Its meaning is that honour, which comes from God alone, must be coupled with humble service of God in all things, which must be firmly grounded in loyalty to the Faith of Christ.

"If anyone serveth me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also. If anyone serveth me, the Father will honour him." (John 12:26)


Middle Arms of the Papa-Prince of Rome

Pontifical Eagle of the Papa-Prince of Rome
Shown on the Imperial Roman doppeladler (double-headed eagle).

Small Pontifical Eagle

Arms of the Anglican Patriarchate
The arms of the Archfather upon a double-headed eagle (representing spiritual and temporal sovereignty).

Arms of the Stato Pontificio
The arms are surmounted by the papal insignia and surrounded by the augmentations of
the Order of the Eagle of St. Stephen & Mary Immaculate and the Order of Christ.


Flag (or Standard) of the Archfather


Gonfalon of the Apostolic See
A processional banner.


Gonfalon of the Governor-General
of the Apostolic See
This processional banner consists of the arms of Trier and parts of both of the two
shields of the greater arms of the Apostolic See.





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