Lexington, South Carolina, USA

Rt. Rev. Mgr. Abbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar.
Rector of Holy Cross Mission
Abbot and Minister General of the Franciscan
Third Order Regular of the Brothers & Sisters of Penance
of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Fulfilling the mandate of the Patriarchate of St. Stephen Mission, Service, & Charity

Living the Spirit of Saint Francis



Abbot Anthony at the annual Blessing of the Animals


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Welcome to Holy Cross Mission Church. We are a Franciscan Third Order Regular Missionary Community. We hope that you will come visit our Chapel and join us in the most wonderful gift that Our Lord Jesus Christ has given us, the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and periodically and perhaps even regularly attend our Church. Hopefully this will enable you to find the information you were seeking. The one true community church that is for everyone.

The Holy Cross Mission Church has ministered here in North America since the year 1995 in Boston Massachusetts and in the intervening years has been asked to and has extended our ministry and mission of making known the Good News of our Savior, too many other countries and peoples. As a Franciscan Missionary Community, we are committed to teaching, preaching and living the full and authentic Franciscan Teachings of Faith in a traditional and historic manner. Our faith is a living and vibrant expression of our belief and relationship with Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior...and is not simply a refuge or a nostalgic attachment to times gone by.

We worship, in same way as our Father St. Francis in the vernacular, according to the ancient Rites, which for centuries was the nearly universal custom of the entire European community. We do so because it fulfills for us a spiritual need for a liturgy that is at once both majestic and sublime. The role of the priest is clearly expressed by his position in relation to the congregation...at their head, as their leader. When he represents his flock, he faces as they do, towards Almighty God and gathers his people with him in prayer, petition, intercession and thanksgiving to their Lord and Savior. When he serves as representative of Almighty God, bringing His Holy Word, commands and Life-giving Flesh and Blood in Holy Communion, the priest stands at the head of his flock and faces them as he brings God's Word, blessings and Communion to them.

We live a full Apostolic and Catholic life in the Sacred Scripture, traditions, practices and sacraments of our Faith. We seek to share these with all who desire to come to knowledge of Our Lord and His Church.

While living a traditional expression of the Franciscan Missionary Faith, we are cognizant of the fact that we live in the 21st century and must not allow our faith or ourselves to become antiquated, or relics of a bygone era, or simply museum pieces. Thus we make our appeal to men, women and children of today...

  ...to come and discover the richness of our Franciscan Missionary Community heritage;

  ...to join us and to live that Faith and heritage today as truly and zealously as did Franciscans in the 12th century and for nearly 20 centuries since the first Christians walked and talked with Jesus in the streets, towns and fields of Israel, Judea, Palestine and Jerusalem;

  ...to experience the joy of a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ, a life lived in union with Him, nourished by Him, sustained by Him, fortified by Him, and shared with all who would know the same joy and fulfillment in their own lives.

Come and be a part of our Franciscan Missionary family...join with us in prayer, worship, study, ministry and service to the world. Become a part of our journey with Christ. Unlike the inn at Bethlehem on that first Christmas night, you will find that there is ALWAYS room for you here with us. You will always have a place...in fact it is waiting for you... right now!

We extend to you the invitation of our Lord Christ Jesus...

"Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you."
Matt. 11. 28.



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