The Florentine Service Order was originally established to recognize the distinguished service and honorable conduct in defense of the Patriarchate through direct engagement. Its scope was soon expanded to include distinguished service in a volunteer or clerical capacity to the Patriarchate or to humanity on a global, national, or local level. It is conferred by the Patriarch of St. Stephen.

The red of the ribbon is the color of martyrdom, and the yellow is the color of heavenly victory, in diagonal stripes like the stole of a deacon, all in honor of St. Stephen the Deacon & Protomartyr. On the ribbon is a bar with the abbreviation "Pro D.N.J.C.," meaning "For Our Lord Jesus Christ."

The postnominals are "FSO" in English and "OFS" in Italian. In precedence it ranks immediately below the St. Stephen's Cross and above the Order of Merit.



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