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Monsignor Andrea Cassulo
Titular Archbishop of Leontopoli

The city of this titular See (also written as Leopontopoli and Leontopolis) is located in the central part of the Nile Delta region. It was a capital in Lower Egypt (the Leontopolite nome) and was likely the centre of pharaonic power under the 23rd dynasty. The Greek name of this city means "City of Lions." The Hebrew colony, which was attracted by the establishment of their national worship at the city flourished there for more than three centuries afterwards. The style of Titular Archbishop and Metropolitan of Leopontopolis, within the traditional territory of St. Mark the Evangelist, is held by the Archfather upon election, though he may allow the Archbishop Coadjutor of St. Stephen, if one has been elected, to hold the See as Vicar(MP 2009; CJCP 5; APS 2:6).




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