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Iconium formed part of the Roman Province of Galatia, when the latter was constituted 25 B.C. Under Claudius, Iconium became a Roman colony, mentioned on many coins and inscriptions. The Blessed Apostle Saint Paul preached there during his first mission and converted many Jews and pagans. Shortly thereafter, he returned to organize the church he had founded (see Acts 14.20; 16.2). St. Paul spoke also of the persecutions he endured there (II Tim. 3.11). Saint Thecla was one of St. Paul's converts there. Christianized rather early in the Church's history, the town was the scene of a council in A.D. 235. From 1063 to 1309, Iconium was the capital of the Sultans of the Seljuk Turks. The style of Titular Bishop of Iconium in partibus infidelium, granted by special favor, is held either by the Patriarch or a titular Bishop of the Patriarchal See whom he appoints (EPS MP 1/010; APS 2:6).

Giovanni Battista Cardinal Caprara
Former Titular Archbishop of Iconium
Shown here with Pope Paul VII at the coronation of Napoleon



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