The Duomo of Florence,
the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore


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Florence is the capital of Etruria (Tuscany). Its land dates to pre-history in the ancient Etruscan civilization. After the Etruscans were annexed into the Roman civilization, Florence was founded as a settlement called Fluentia. It was conquered by Charlemagne more than two decades before he was crowned Emperor and King of the Romans, and it became part of the Margraviate of Tuscany. Later, it was the center of the Republic of Florence, the Medici Duchy of Florence, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, and the Kingdom of Etruria. It was also the capital city of the Kingdom of Italy for a time. The senior line of the style of Titular Prince of Florence in the Holy Roman Empire was ceded to the Patriarchate of Saint Stephen and is part of the patrimony of the Archfather (Sedes Patriarchalis 2013).

Palazzo Pitti




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