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Supreme Government & Principal Electors

HMERH Cardinal Father Rutherford I, Patriarch of St. Stephen
Count of Sainte Animie & Elector of Wurzburg

HMERH Elector Keith of Trier
Count of Marmande & Governor-General of the See of St. Stephen

HMERH Elector Douglas of Mainz
Count of Römerberg & Acting Arch-Chancellor of the See of St. Stephen



Prefecture of Faith and Doctrine


Prefecture of the Liturgy
Prefecture of Education

Prefecture of the Patriarchal Aerarium

Curial Offices
Office of the Archdeacon
Patriarchal Office of State
Secret Camera
P.R. Postal Service

Councils and Commissions
Council of the Clergy
Council for the Religious and Consecrated Life
Council for the Laity
Council for International Scouts and Guides
Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Patrimony of the See of St. Stephen

Supreme Tribunal of the Prefecture of Faith and Doctrine
Tribunal of the Patriarchal Penitentiary
Patriarchal Tribunal


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