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Cappadocia, located in modern-day Turkey, was a site of great importance in the Early Church. Roman roads through the area made access to and from Jerusalem easier. Blessed Peter the Apostle mentioned Cappadocia in his first Epistle. The Apostle Paul traveled extensively in the area. Cappadocia is also home to a striking series of cave dwelling and cave churches. Literally carved into the rock formations, they provided peace and security against invaders and persecution.

Photos: See of St. Stephen expedition in Cappadocia.


This arch in one of the cave churches in Cappadocia is adorned
with what are believed to be St. Stephen crosses.


A broad view of the area - Many of the holes visible in the rock formations
are entrances to cave dwellings and cave churches.


Cave church interior.


Image of Christ on the inside of a dome carved into the rock
within a cave church in Cappadocia.


Image of St. George in a cave church in Cappadocia, next to
what is believed to be a cross of St. Stephen.


Another image of St. George inside a cave church in Cappadocia.





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