Sunday of the Resurrection 2014

Venerable brethren and dearest sons and daughters in the Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham, grace, peace, and our Apostolic Blessing be with each of you on this glorious day, the Sunday of the Resurrection of Our Lord. Christus resurgens! Christus resurgens est! Though we commemorate this every year, we never tire of it, for it is a living thing that we experience and not a mere historical commemoration. If we stood there with Christ on the Cross on Good Friday, then we are assured this day of the promises of Christ in the Resurrection. May we all strive to be worthy of those promises.

  We who are called to serve our Lord and His Holy Church through this Patriarchate have accepted a vocation of mission, service, and charity. We have accepted a vocation that puts us in a posi-tion like that of Stephen, our glorious Patron. We wander an often-hostile world, spreading the Gospel of Our Lord, serving not only our Holy Mother the Church, the Bride of Christ, but also the true treasures of the Church, the poor and marginalized people of the world. It was blessed Stephen's fellow Levite Lawrence who, when his captors demanded to be shown the treasures of the Church that he was understood to safeguard, took them to see the poor, declaring them to be the true treasures of the Church.

  Those of us who live our vocation in this Patriarchate have a heritage to maintain. We are one of the guardians of the living history of the Holy Roman Empire, following the belief that all Christian people should be governed in a manner consistent with the supreme laws of Christ. We also maintain the history of Christian chivalry. Indeed, we could not carry out our mission without the hundreds of faithful and devoted Knights, Dames, and Nobles who carry out our mandate of mission, service, and charity around the world each and every day. This is our true legacy. Not even the en-tire hosts of critical vipers to plague every person who seeks to do good can stop us. It is our liturgy, the Anglo-Roman liturgy so pre-cious to our heritage, that ties all of our work and indeed all of us together. Against the power of Christ on the Cross, no one can stand!

  Let us once again thank the scores of our faithful Knights and Ladies in diverse Orders who serve not us, but the Lord. The nobility of the world has an obligation to serve the Church and serve humanity. It is our solemn duty to encourage and to enable this.

  We thank also our dedicated clergy and religious who celebrate the Sacraments and share the grace of our Lord. This is essential to those who carry out our mandate of mission, service, and charity. It is equally essential to those who receive the benefits of our work. Also, we especially offer our prayers to those who are currently pur-suing a vocation in the seminary, and to those who are discerning a vocation. May God guide you on your journey!

  And now as We send you once again out into the world, remember it is not truly We who send you, but our Lord. May the blessing of Almighty God, the Father +, the Son +, and the Holy + Ghost, be upon you and remain with you always. R. Amen.


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