Founded in 1907 by the Rt. Hon. Robert Lord Baden-Powell of Gilwell, the Scouting movement grew from its origins in Great Britain to the world organisation that it is today. Scout and Guide programmes exist to teach youth how to be adults. In today's world, this is perhaps more important than ever.

The Imperial Scouts and Guides of the Holy Roman Empire remains an independent religious service organisation. I.S.G.(HRE) is not a youth programme, but rather is a religious award programme recognizing and promoting achievement and service. Only one Scouting programme per nation may be a member of the World Brotherhood of Scouting, and the ecumenical religious awards mission of the I.S.G.(HRE) spans many nations.

Other scouting and youth programmes exist outside the World Brotherhood of Scouting (WBS) and are usually affiliated with a specific church. Some such programmes existed prior to some of the member organisation of the WBS and later chose to affiliate with one of the national programmes within the WBS.









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