The Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate of St. Stephen provides the Imperial Scout/Guide Award and the Imperial Distinguished Scout/Guide Award, ecumenical Christian religious awards for both youth and adult members of Scouting and Guiding programs around the globe that are members of various "scouting" and similar youth programs whose values are consistent with those of the Patriarchate of St. Stephen. The purpose of these awards is to recognize Christian Seniors Scouts, Senior Guides, and Adult Leaders who are service-minded above and beyond the call of duty and have a sincere interest in the scholarly and active preservation of history. While our organization is predominantly traditional Catholic, these awards are open to those of all Christian faiths.

The Imperial Scout/Guide Award consists of the medal on a solid red neck ribbon. The Imperial Distinguished Scout/Guide Award consists of the medal on a red neck ribbon with three white zig-zagged stripes.

Requirements for the Imperial Scout Award:

1. Earn the highest youth rank in any "scouting" or similar youth program.


Earn a national-level adult award in any "scouting" or similar youth program.

2. Earn the youth or adult religious award in any Christian faith.

3. Live the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life.

Requirements for the Imperial Distinguished Scout Award:

Youth Requirements

1. Be designated as a senior youth member in rank.

2. Earn the religious award for your religious affiliation (if there are two versions of the award, it must be the version for older members.

3. Maintain a 3.0 school GPA on a 4.0 scale in school.

4. Serve as a troop-level officer for a minimum of 3 months.

5. Complete an environmental merit badge, or complete Leave No Trace training, or complete similar training.

6. Demonstrate how you apply the principles of scouting in your daily life. Provide at least three examples that are on-going.

7. Complete a minimum of three days (4 hours minimum each) of service to the needy OR to your church.

Adult Requirements

1. Complete training appropriate to your position in the youth program of which you are a member.

2. Complete 2 years of service as an adult leader.

3. Earn the adult religious emblem in your church OR have earned a youth religious emblem of a scouting or similar youth program.

4. Help 2 youth earn the Imperial Distinguished Scout Medal OR help 2 youth earn any Christian religious award within a scouting or similar youth program.

5. Along with the youth you are assisting, complete a minimum of three days (4 hours minimum each) of service to the needy OR to your church.

6. Write a paper (at least 3 single-spaced pages) on how some aspect of the Holy Roman Empire positively impacted history and influenced the modern world.










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