The Imperial Scouts and Guides of the Holy Roman Empire is a private international organization conducted as a public outreach ministry of the Old Roman Catholic Religious and Military Patriarchate of St. Stephen (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church*). The intent of the program is to improve public understanding of the Holy Roman Empire and to strengthen the faith and service of Christian Scouts and Guides worldwide who are active in various "scouting" and similar youth programs whose values are consistent with the values of the Patriarchate**. Membership is limited to Christian youth and adults who have received the Imperial Scout Award, Imperial Guide Award, Imperial Distinguished Scout Award, or the Imperial Distinguished Guide Award, which are ecumenical religious-based awards for Scouts and Guides. The ISG(HRE) is not a separate youth program. Instead, members are encouraged to be active participants in their Scouting or Guide program within the World Brotherhood of Scouting. The Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate of St. Stephen is descended from the ancient See of Utrecht and is the ecclesiastical successor to Florence and Imperial Italy.

* A significant element in the history of the Holy Roman Empire, the See is a modern descendant of the See of Utrecht, which was granted independence by the Holy See approximately 900 years ago, and is also the successor of Pope Leo X in Tuscany.
** The Imperial Scouts and Guides of the Holy Roman Empire, the Patriarchate of St. Stephen, and the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church are not formally affiliated with any specific "scouting" or similar youth program.


H.M.S.H the Prince v. Reichenberg (first Imperial Chief Scout) (r)
with H.M. the King of Sweden (l)

The I.S.G.(HRE) religious awards program is under the leadership
of its Imperial Chief Scout & Guide


H.I.R.H. the Cardinal Count of Sainte Animie

Imperial Chief Scout:

H.E. Count John Green of Randersacken

Imperial Chief Guide:

Dame Julie Fukuda

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The leadership of the I.S.G. (HRE) religious awards program is drawn from the officers of the Walsingham Guard, the historic humantarian, emergency response, and ceremonial formation of the Patriarchate of St. Stephen. General membership in the I.S.G.(HRE) requires earned designation as an Imperial Scout, Imperial Distinguished Scout, Imperial Guide, or Imperial Distinguished Guide of the Holy Roman Empire. Requirements for those religious awards may be found by following the link below. Membership standards for all ages include excellent scholarship, responsible citizenship in the host nation and the world; strong Christian faith, well-grounded knowledge of history, and demonstrated past or present leadership within host nation Scout or Guide programs.

About the Holy Roman Empire

Various Holy Roman Empires existed for several centuries, ruled by different emperors from the time of Charlemagne to the early modern era under original authority of the Vatican. Thus, the Empire had profound influence as the basis for many modern European government political, religious, and civic organization structures. Though no longer active as a reigning national political system, several principal claimants to various titles still exist today with well-established claims to their various respective eras of the Holy Roman Empire based on their personal lineages. Similarly, a significant number of past and present European royalty and titled nobility are historically represented within the Empire's various structures. Today, descendents of the Empire's prior reigning houses help preserve the Holy Church, maintain the history and traditions of the Holy Roman Empire and their personal lineages, while promoting freedom, justice, and free speech for all people around the world. The Patriarchate of St. Stephen also maintains several parts of Imperial heritage that descended to it, including Florence, the Vice-Kingship of Italy and the Electorates of Würzburg, Trier, and Mainz.

About the Emblem of the Imperial Scouts and Guides

The emblem of the Imperial Scouts and Guides of the Holy Roman Empire is built upon the "Doppeladler" (or "Reichsadler"), known as the double-headed eagle of the Holy Roman Empire. Atop the eagle is the Crown of Charlemagne, the insignia of the first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. Upon the eagle is the cross of Saint George, patron saint of chivalry and England. On the points of the cross are four princely crowns symbolizing the four corners of the Empire, suggesting worldwide service. Four heraldic fleur-de-lis around a central fleur-de-lis derive from an ancient familial coat of arms originating in the First Reich. The fleur-de-lis is also a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary, indicating her patronage under the title of Our Lady of Walsingham.

Awards Program

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